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Introducing Best Green Eco Technology

Innovators in Biodegradable Tableware and Eco-Friendly Straws

Discover Best Green Eco Technology LTD., a pioneering company offering customized development services for a range of sustainable tableware solutions. From bagasse tableware that withstands extreme temperatures to paper and PLA straws produced with cutting-edge technology, we are committed to meeting diverse usage requirements while prioritizing environmental responsibility.
Join us in embracing a greener future with our high-quality, biodegradable products.

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Bio-Degradable Tableware

We can provide customized development services for different scenarios and different usage requirements to meet various applications scenarios such as catering, schools, supermarkets, enterprises, high-speed rail, and airplanes.
Our bagasse tableware can withstand temperature of – 40°C to 120°C, we can put into the oven or microwave oven and it can be kept warm for about 5 hrs while meeting the food safety requirements.

Paper & PLA Straws

The first straw extrusion, cutting and sorting production line in China, The first fully automatic U- shaped tube forming, packaging and visual inspection production line in China
The first domestic research and development of integrated coffee takeaway spill-proof cup cover, Development of high-speed patch production lines for this type of product The first domestic research and development of U- shaped paper straw production line The first domestic research and development of telescopic pipe intelligent digital management and control system

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